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consolidate = yes : If the fund has investments in shares of other funds, all funds invested will be "open" and all assets will be consolidated.

Exclusive resources for Hypothetical Portfolios (portfolios created using the Ecoportfolio function)

The alternatives for filling the Optionals field below can be used exclusively for Hypothetical Portfolios (portfolios created by the user through the Ecoportolio function), that is, they cannot be used for investment funds portfolios.

Show the contribution of each asset to the return

"Contribution" is how much each asset in the portfolio contributed to the portfolio's total return over a given period. This depends on the return of the asset in that period as well as the weight of that asset in the portfolio.

In the example below, the portfolio return in the period of one month (ending on 08/31/2020) was 1.07% and each of the assets contributed with the values shown in the table. Note that the sum of contributions is equal to the total portfolio return

Using the command described below it is possible to show the contribution of each asset to the total return of a Hypothetical Portfolio (portfolios created by the user through the Ecoportolio function) within a period chosen by the user.

To achieve that, the Optionals field must be filled with the two commands below (separated by semicolons):


In the example above the chosen period was one month but all the options below can be used:

1m, 1d, 21d, 52w, 5y, etc
YTD (year to date), QTD, MTD, WTD
from start (desde o início da série de preços da carteira hipotetica)
yyyy-mm-dd (desde uma data específica)

Show the portfolio composition day-by-day

By default, the Ecodataset function displays the portfolio composition at the end of each month.

By filling in the Optionals field as described below, the portfolio composition will be presented day-by- day (or in the period chosen by the user)

interval=D (ou W, M, Q, Y)



Function ECOSECURITIES (returns a list of securities)