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The user series must be created by an import file with extension ".txt" in ANSI format.

The data series should consist of data from Monday through Friday. Non-business days should be excluded. The decimal mark is the decimal point. The date format should be yyyy-mm-dd.

The import file in txt to create or to update a series must contain all the information below and the words Ticker, Company, etc. must be placed before each information. Multiple series could be inserted into the same file provided they each follow the correct format.

Dados do arquivo de importação

Ticker: code with maximum 12 chars used to idenfity the security.

Company: security name.

Country: 2 or 3 letter country code according to ISO.

Currency: 2 or 3 letter currency code according to ISO.

Type:  code for the asset class, the first column in the asset class table.

Shared: Yes or No (if "yes" the series can be viewed by all of the users under the same serial number, if "No" only the creator of the series can view it).

Password: 4 to 10 character alpha-numeric password. The password is mandatory.

Fields:  field-name1     field-name2     field-name3     field-name4... (fields to be completed (see codes of importation in the table); to determine the fields to be completed according to the asset class, see an example in Economatica in the "Quotes" window).

yyyy-mm-dd    field-value1      field-value2     field-value3      field-value4...

yyyy-mm-dd    field-value1      field-value2     field-value3      field-value4...

yyyy-mm-dd    field-value1      field-value2     field-value3      field-value4...  (data series and values in the order designated in Fields).

END: mandatory item, end of series marker.


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